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Alex Sushi – 17 years is a good start!

Our satisfied customers, and all the articles about us are our best business card.

More than 80 employees provide every day for you to get the best of the best. Relentless pursuit of the best ingredients, presented in the borderland between classic sushi art and innovation. Our service will put you as a guest in focus, in a knowledgeable and friendly manner.

Welcome to Alex Sushi!


Cort Adelers gate 2

0254 Oslo

Tel: (+47) 22 43 99 99


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Monday - Saturday    16.00 - 22.00

Sunday                       16.00 - 21.00


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The Restaurant

- Solli Plass - 

Since the opening in 2001, Alex Sushi in Solli Plass has become the very definition of sushi art in Norway's capital. AS with traditional sushi bars in japan, the best seats are in the heart of the restaurant - namely the oval sushibar in the middle of the restaurant, where guests get prime view of the chefs as they work with preparing raw art. Although the restaurant today spans two floors with elegant Nordic design - the mantra at Alex Sushi has maintained unchanged from its humble opening in 2001: A relentless pursuit of the best ingredients that are obtainable on the market, combined with a desire to serve guests a better experience each time they visit the restaurant.

Solli Plass is also the location for our Take Away branch where guests may pick up sushi themsleves, or alternatively have it driven home by our stylish drivers. In the basement under the restaurant at Solli Plass we have designed two gorgeous chambre separees for private parties for up to 64 guests (alternatively 150 people on standing events).

Our chefs

We are enourmously proud of our chef-team, which collects international recognition for their fetas in the sushibar.


Head chef - Solli Plass















Our classical menus that has been with us since we started in 2001
White menu
Based on ingredients such as salmon, halibut and scampi, served as sashimi, nigiri and maki kr 495,–
Red menu
Contains a greater variety of fish and shellfish, as well as our popular tempura salad kr 655,–
Black menu
Topped with our finest ingredients, plus our popular tempura salad and grilled lobster kr 795,–
Omakase menu
Our Omakase concept entails that you entrust our creative and knowledgeable chefs. This way we ensure that you can enjoy a dining experience with the best and most exclusive ingredients available on the market. 9 servings kr 1150,-


Edamame beans kr 85,-
Assorted sashimi kr 190,–
Assorted nigiri - 5 pieces kr 140,–
Tempura starter kr 145,–
Gyu Kushiyaki Beef skewers with teriyaki sauce kr 155,–
Main courses
Alex Mix – 12 pieces kr 295,–
Sashimi main course – 25-30 pieces kr 355,–
Sushi main course – 16 pieces kr 325,–
Alex´ choice
Tempura salad kr 210,–
Shellfish salad kr 275,–
Deep fried salmon skin kr 135,–
Seaweed salad kr 85,–
Grilled lobster kr 295,- / 425,-
Sashimi - 8 pieces
Salmon with ponzu kr 130,–
Halibut with ponzu kr 195,–
Hamachi with lemongrass sauce kr 225,–
Salmon and halibut with ponzu kr 175,–
Sea bass with truffle sauce kr 195,–
Whale tataki with sesame sauce kr 155,–
Beef tenderloin tataki with sesame sauce and teriyaki kr 260,–
Tuna with Alex´ sauce – 5 slices kr 175,–
Toro with Alex´ sauce – 3 slices kr 175,–
Nigiri – 2 pieces
Salmon kr 85,–
Halibut kr 105,–
Hamachi kr 125,–
Sea bass kr 115,–
King Crab kr 145,–
Scallop kr 115,–
Scampi kr 95,–
Tuna kr 135,–
Toro kr 175,–
Tamago kr 75,–
Gunkan maki – 2 pieces
Halibut fat kr 135,–
Salmon roe kr 135,–
Salmon roe with quail egg kr 185,–
Maki – 6 pieces
Spicy salmon ura maki kr 115,–
California ura maki with scampi and avocado kr 110,–
Tempura futo maki with fried scampi kr 150,–
Spicy scallop ura maki kr 160,–
Spicy hamachi ura maki kr 195,–
King crab futo maki kr 195,–
Kuchi futo maki with salmon, hamachi and mixed herbs kr 165,–
Special Maki
Alex Special with fried scampi, salmon and tamago – 6 pieces kr 165,–
Soft-shell crab with avocado – 8 pieces kr 185,–
Crunchy beef tenderloin with asparagus – 8 pieces kr 210,–
Crunchy salmon with asparagus – 8 pieces kr 170,–
Seared duck foie gras – 8 pieces kr 295,–
Deep fried king crab – 6 pieces kr 230,–
Seaweed salad kr 85,–
Tempura vegetarian kr 135,–
Avocado nigiri – 4 pieces kr 90,–
Vegetarian futo maki – 6 pieces kr 115,–