Alex Sushi delivers catering and Take Away of the highest quality for both small and large parties, meetings and events in the Oslo area.

We arrange the beautiful sushi on plastic or porceleine platters for you and you are of course welcome to rent additional sushi tableware from us. If you want something extra at your event, we are happy to help out with both waiters and/or sushi chef.

Examples of catering menus can be found below, but feel free to contact us and we are happy tailor a menu for your event!


Cort Adelersgate 2

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Our amazing chefs are proud to prepare the catering for your event


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Our catering menus

Menu 1: kr 435,– per person
1: Sashimi of salmon, halibut and scallop
2: Nigiri of salmon, halibut, scallop and scampi
3: Assorted maki: - Spicy salmon - California maki - Spicy scallop maki
Menu 2: kr 535,– per person
1: Sashimi of salmon, halibut, scallop and hamachi
2: Nigiri of salmon, halibut, tuna scallop and hamachi
3: Shellfish salad with chilimajo, teriyakisauce and balsamico
4: Assorted maki - Spicy tuna - Tempuramaki with avocado and asparagus - Spidermaki (softshellcrab, avocado and cucumber) - Spicy halibut maki - Kuchi maki with salmon, hamachi, chili and fresh herbs
Menu 3: kr 685,- per person
1: Sashimi of salmon, halibut, tuna and scallop with ponzu sauce
2: Sashimi special: Hamachi with lemongrass sauce OR seabass with truffle sauce
3: Nigiri of salmon, hamachi, scallop, tuna and king crab
4: Assorted favorite maki: - Spicy tuna maki - Spidermaki (soft-shell crab, avocado and cucumber) - Crunchy salmon maki - Crunchy hamachi maki - Maxi maki (king crab and flying fish roe)
5: Lobster with sesame sauce
Catering - Solli Plass @en

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